1. To gain access to the COMMON AREA with a key card the owner must be current/up-to-date with payment of Lochmere HOA annual dues and be in good standing.

2. Owners of multiple lots lacking residences on them are NOT ENTITLED TO ADDITIONAL gate keys and/or additional guests. Following the building of an approved residence, by the HOA Review Board, on any lot and its occupancy, such an occupied residential property will be entitled to a Gate Key Card. But if such property is occupied by other than the owner, then the owner must decide whether the Gate Key Card, issued for this lot, will be made available to the occupant/renter. In no case can the lot owner AND the non-owner / renter both have access to the amenities area on the basis of the same residential property or improved lot. Such access privilege is mutually exclusive.

3. Dependent children living with Owners/Residents are included within the definition of family and are eligible for access to the amenities area BUT children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.



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