The Lochmere HOA Board has received several inquiries concerning recent activity on the property adjacent to the Lochmere Common Area.  The property was purchased in October 2022 and will, we have been informed, be developed into houses and /or condos within a two-year time frame.

The Board is greatly concerned as to the aggressive activities of the owner in the manner in which the property line, trees, foliage and fencing were destroyed.  Although the Board preferred not to try to resolve this matter via the court system, plus they did not wish to take on legal expenses, it has initiated legal action and has obtained a temporary injunction to prevent any additional destruction to our property.  A complaint has been filed and served on the owner concerning restoration for damages to Lochmere.

Not knowing how the legal system will decide this issue, the Board remains convinced these actions were necessary to protect YOUR Common Area.  As is well known, our Common Area adds great value to each property in Lochmere.  The Board is closely monitoring this matter and will periodically update you via this website.

The first photo above shows the area before the developer came in; the last 3 photos are after the developer came in.

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